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Year 8

Ecosystems will often have a finite amount of resources. The amount of food, water, reproductive mates and shelter available will be limited.

When we have multiple organisms, from different species or even the same species competing for these resources it’s called competition.


As seen in the video to the right, the hyenas and lions are competing for food.

The video to the left shows Dr Zoidburg competing for a mate.

Not all competitions have to be violent. Sometimes animals will attract mates be being the most colourful, loudest or biggest.

This bear and lion fight may have been over territory. Even space is a factor in ecosystems.

Essentially what it comes down to is, compete or die.

The ultimate goal of every organism, from a single cell to a complex multi cellular organism like an elephant is to pass on their genetic information.

If they compete and win, they are more likely to pass on their genetics to the next generation.

Plants also compete with each other, not for food but for: