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Year 8

Normally in every day activity you’ll be doing aerobic respiration, because you’ll be able to get enough oxygen into your body for your energy needs.

It’s when we start sprinting or during hard exercise that our bodies undergo anaerobic respiration



During hard exercise, hot enough oxygen reaches the muscles.

This means aerobic is replaced by anaerobic respiration.

Although this means we get fast energy, there are two main issues:

1. A waist product is lactic acid, which causes pain, fatigue and cramping.

2. The amount of energy produced is significantly less

The equation of anaerobic respiration in animals



The equation of anaerobic respiration in Micro-organisms  



After excessive exercise, we rest and within a few minutes, we are ready to go again.

Unlike us, there are some animals which can die if lactic acids builds up.

When crocodiles are on the hunt, they can move incredible fast. Often striking in one powerful blow.

This movement is requires anaerobic respiration. Although they can handle a higher blood acid content than us, if they don’t rest it can be fatal.